Friday, 5 August 2011

Paleo Onionomnomnom Rings

I know I should be spacing out the updates more but just do yourself a favor and go do this. I really missed junk food-y stuff like onion rings and after a bit of research here's my paleo alternative.  If only I could do the same with double stuffed pizza :(

Like the most recent posts, this was also ridiculously easy - just make sure you prep the onion rings one by one or else the mixture will clump and not coat as well.  Keep an eye on the rings in the oil too, I incinerated half of them by accident because I was dancing to the radio.

Here's how we roll
300g almond meal (grind the meal so it's closer to flour - helps coat better).
Two big-ass onions.  Slice them carefully and separate the rings.  (If I wasn't terrified of using a mandolin I would have used that).
2 eggs (beaten in a seperate bowl)
1 table spoon of paprika
1 table spoon of chilli flakes
(You can add more paprika and chilli flakes if you want them spicier).

Season the 'flour' with salt and pepper then mix in the paprika and chilli flakes.  Dip the onion rings in the egg then coat with the mix before frying them in coconut oil until nice and golden.  Let them rest on a paper towel then eat :D

Edit: Brother says we might be able to use coconut powder - we'll try that next time :D