Thursday, 20 October 2011

I'm a bloody genius... (aka modesty makes me sexier)

Click if you wanna supersize

I just...I just don't know what happened.  One moment I'm dancing around the house a la Buffalo Bill, pretending to have pumpkin breasts and practicing my Pantene swoosh, the next I'm getting texts from people saying this is the best soup they've ever had.
The Lady of the house (not me) took some to work too (albeit without the pumpkin bowl) and now her co workers are asking about the recipe too.

So, I guess I'll just..
*clears throat, *stands up...'Hello everyone, my name is Finn and I'm a fucking genius.'

Still not sure whats to do with the mamma pumpkin except fill it with fireworks and set it alight. Don't worry, if I do I'll youtube it for you all.

Whatchu need baby

One small baby cutesty pumpkin
One small baby cutesy Harlequin squash
3-4 shallots (or onions I guess if you're not posh :p)
125g butter
One tbs fenugreek
One tsp of cinnamon (or two ;)
One tsp of nutmeg
1 pint of paleo chicken or veg stock
3-4 rashers of smoked bacon

Ok - for the love of all that is Paleo, pleeeeease watch your fingers.  I leveled out the bases of each one so they'd stand up in the oven.  Oh, go turn on your oven too (170C).

Slice off the top of each pumpkin/squash and hollow out the flesh, throwing away the seeds.
Use a spoon - if you're hardcore like me you can sharpen the spoon edge like a knife but make sure you keep it separate from the other spoons otherwise your guests will come away from dinner looking like The Joker.

In a pot or large pan cook the shallots or onions in the butter until they start to soften, add the pumpkin/squash flesh and saute until they start to soften too.  Make sure its a low heat or else you'll burn the butter.  Then I'll come over and spank you.  Put your pumpkin bowls into the oven at this point too.

Add the stock then the spices, bring to a boil then simmer for 20 mins.  Fifteen minutes in add the bacon.
Transfer to a blender or thousand tiny ninjas and blitz the fucker to the consistency you like.

Pour it back into the bowls, dress with pepper (or garlic pepper if you have it) and a handful of chopped coriander or parsley.

Serve, enjoy then run around naked at how awesome it tastes :D  If you want to elevate this to Jenna Jamison pornstar status add blue cheese to the mix.  Oh yeah!!!