Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I love big pieces of meat...

OK...that sounded more hetero in my head but it's no less true.  The only thing that puts me off them however is cooking them.  If I fuck up a smallish dish then no worries, I usually have enough ingredients to go again or at least prepare 4 or 5 prototypes.  If I fuck up an £11 leg of lamb then I'm going to start self spanking and not in the good way.  So it was with a bit of a jump that I saw these three smallish pieces and thought, ok, nut up and go for it.

(For the record, Greg makes the BEST lamb shank sexiness.  It has cherries in it!  I'll try and get that soon for you all).

So, as you can see, meat;

Holy ingredients, Batman!

  • Mixed spice (One tablespoon)
  • Cloves (3-4 per piece of meat -fnarr, fnarr)
  • Fresh Thyme 6-7 sprigs
  • One lemon (sexy-ass lemon preferably)
  • One head of garlic split in half (yes I know I could have made that dirty but I'm a gentleman)
  • One Chorizo sausage, chopped up into segments.
  • A few glugs of your favourite oil
Preheat your oven to  170-180C (or 356F if you live in crazyland and it rains upside down)

Yes, it's from Sainsburies -fuck all else growing in the garden now apart from our Nuclear Mint

Firstly, score and season each piece of meat.  Not so much it looks like it's been attacked by a crazy person but enough so that the following salt, pepper oil and spices can get into the skin.

Add a few cloves and place onto a large piece of foil.  Cover with the lemon segments, garlic, onion thyme and chorizo, separating the meats with the chorizo segments.

Wrap it up tight and add to a large baking tray. Add two or three cups of cold water to the tray and stick it in your oven for between an hour and an an hour and a half depending on how big your piece of meat is (couldn't resist).

Don't forget to use the juices to make a (flour-less) gravy, dress with the onion and fresh thyme and serve your bad boy piece of meat.  So, damn, tasteh!