Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Smell my fingers!

No honestly, go on...wait, sorry, wrong hand.
Well you get the idea anyway.  I know not everyone likes Mussels but look at how awesome they look!  Shiny!  I got a huge bag of them for just under four quid and it was enough to feed four people.  There's a bit of prep involved but we're badasses so it ain't no thing...

Empty them all out into the sink and throw away any that are already open ('dey dead man, dey dead!).  Same goes for any that have been smashed up.  You can give the open ones a little tap to see if they're alive.  if they close up after getting a hit to the noggin you can use them.

Rinse off the survivors and pull off any 'beardy' parts.  Use the back of a knife to scrape off any barnacles too then give them a final rinse.  You'll hear them gasping slightly.  yes they are alive....for now.

In a hot pan add the thai curry paste (this one here), the juice from a lime and a cup of coconut milk.  Add in the mussels and cover.  Cook on a high heat for 7-8 minutes making sure you give them a stir midway through.

Serve 'dem out and this time throw away any that haven't opened.

Enjoy the messiness!